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About The Collegiate

The Collegiate 100

Grade Level | Post-Secondary

Program Focus


College Readiness

Collegiate 100 of Indianapolis is an organization comprised of college students who share the common vision and intent of the 100 Black Men of Indianapolis, Inc. – to improve the quality of life for young African Americans. Participants in the program shall be committed to voluntarism and improving the community through group mentoring and tutoring.


To support 100 Black Men of Indianapolis, Inc. in its efforts to nurture and enhance the academic achievement and personal growth.


That African American students and youth are developed to their full potential, granted equal opportunities and become productive members of a society that rewards based on excellence.


To maintain a single‐focus based on the principles of community service and adhere to the values of LEADERSHIP, HARD WORK, INTEGRITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, and CITIZENSHIP.


Supplement the mentoring, tutoring, and other programs of the 100 Black Men of Indianapolis, Inc., to serve as role models to African American youth, and to enhance the opportunity for African American college students to serve the community.